Top-to-Toe health checks for men and women.

Do you have questions or concerns regarding your health? Or just want to check that all is well?
Why not combine a long weekend break in the fabulous city of Istanbul, or a longer, relaxing holiday in sunny Antalya with a full top-to-toe check up for your peace of mind?
You can visit one of our modern hospitals and discuss any concerns with our fully qualified doctors. 
Following an interview and full physical examination the doctor will tailor the check-up to your specific needs.
Blood samples will be taken to determine your metabolic, hormonal, hematological status and to check organ function.
The heart and respiratory system will be examined.
X-ray and ultrasonographic examinations will be a performed. Further monitoring techniques using advanced technology are applied if needed. Should additional investigation or testing be indicated, these will be discussed.
In addition, for women,  a gynacological consultation and mammogram. 
For men, a urological consultation.
The results of all tests will be available on the same day and can be discussed in detail with the doctor who can recommend any lifestyle changes or additional investigations that may be needed. 
In addition, should you be contemplating an aesthetic procedure in the future, this will be an opportunity to see our impressive facilities. 
For answers to your personal medical concerns, for peace of mind with health matters, contact us for your personal Top-to-Toe health check. 

To have a healthy life and maintain it, it is necessary to have Check-Up at regular intervals. We prepare check-up programs according to your age and gender. 

Specific age programs (Child-Menopause-Prostat..vb) and special genetic screening programs (Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases) are applied. Apart from these; a special program can be prepared with the determination of the related physical examinations and the necessary Laboratory / Radiological tests as a result of determining the age, gender, lifestyle risk factors.

What are the procedures for Check-Up?

Depending on the schedule and tests to be determined, the following procedures are performed for Check-Up basis:

* Detailed physical examination and final interview to be carried out by the doctor is done to determine the tests to be applied, to make the necessary consultation decisions and to evaluate the results and to create the recommendations.

* With blood tests, the person's metabolic, hormonal, hematological status is determined and checked the organs function 

* X-ray and ultrasonographic examinations are performed at the beginning of radiological examinations. After monitoring of organs with these methods, further monitoring techniques are applied if needed. Tests using advanced technology as required are added to the procedures intended to display the organs.

* In the function tests, the heart and respiratory system are examined.

* The purpose of endoscopic monitoring is to reach the gastrointestinal system directly and to take samples if necessary.

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