Vaginal narrowing is also known as vaginal rejuvenation or tightening. We perform our vaginal narrowing surgeries both by laser and surgical method. Using the right method to the right patient is the most important point for the patient's satisfaction after the operation.

Women today want to enjoy bodily sensations and pleasures as someone who is beautiful, attractive and confident.

Women who have given birth realize that their genital structure is not what they used to be after birth. It is not possible to restore the genital organs to their former state before birth, even if years have passed after birth.


The vagina's width is not only caused by normal births

  • Age progression
  • High number of sexual intercourse
  • Work in heavy load carrying jobs or do sports such as weightlifting
  • Depending on the characteristics of the person's inherited connective tissue (especially in people who smoke too much )
  • Gynecological interventions such as miscarriages and abortion
  • Decrease in estrogen levels as a result of menopause


Vaginal width may increase


There are women who are confident, know their body and enjoy their sexuality freely.On the other hand there are women who express their dissatisfaction during sexual intercourse, distasteful situations such as sounds like gassing during sexual intercourse, and generally unable to orgasm.

Scientific research has shown that women orgasm highly depends on friction between the vagina and the penis, i.e. mechanical stimulation of the vaginal walls during sexual intercourse and that the vagina wrapping the penis more strongly.

The vagina, which has been enlarged after birth or due to the reasons of non-birth we have written above, cannot reach its old stenosis and elasticity and has a larger and less stretchable structure.

For these reasons, both men and women do not enjoy sexual intercourse as before.

We are able to achieve the old stenosis and elasticity of the vagina both by laser technology and by surgical method.


The most important effect of laser on vagina


It increases the blood supply and collagen density of the vaginal wall, allowing the vaginal wall to rejuvenate and have a more elastic structure than before. You can understand the rejuvenation effect of the laser on the vagina better by watching the video we prepared.

The vagina wall, which is rejuvenated by laser and has a more elastic structure, will grip the penis more tightly and both men and women will feel each other more during sexual intercourse.

Another positive effect of laser vaginal narrowing is that if the vagina has dryness, it will improve and prevent vaginal infections (fungus) by maintaining ph balance.


What are the advantages of laser vaginal narrowing surgery?


  • Since the incision is not made in vaginal narrowing with laser, sutures are not used.
  • No need to use local or general anesthesia because it is painless
  • Sexual intercourse can be initiated very shortly (5 days) after the procedure.
  • Even in the midday, working women can get a laser vaginal narrowing and go back to work.
  • Can be done in as little as 20 minutes
  • It can be done in the doctor’s office
  • It is a highly reliable method without stitches and incisions, which is risk-free and has no side effects.
  • The appropriate patient has a good chance of success
  • The patient does not have pain after the procedure



What are the disadvantages of laser vaginal contraction surgery?


  • A second session may be required after 3-4 weeks and gives better results. It may need to be done again after 2 years
  • Not effective in patients with uterine, bladder and intestinal sagging


Who can take vaginal narrowing with laser and who can take the surgical method?


The patient should be examined first in order to be able to tell whether vaginal narrowing is more appropriate by laser or surgical method.

Women who have not had a normal vaginal birth can easily take vaginal narrowing with laser.

For a woman who has given birth normally, sometimes 3-4 inches of narrowing may be required.

For this reason,women who have given birth normally and those with  bladder, uterine and intestinal sagging, vaginal narrowing process is more effective by surgical method instead of laser.

There may be exceptions, sometimes there is no excessive increase in vaginal widths of women who have given birth normally, they can take vaginal narrowing with laser.


The differences between laser and surgical method in vaginal narrowing procedures


Vaginal narrowing is usually performed by surgical method for women who have given birth normally. Vaginal narrowing can be done with laser, although rarely, if there is not much width increase.

Women who have not given birth normally usually have vaginal narrowing with laser. Very rarely, surgical method may also be used.

While the vagina can be narrowed by laser up to half a centimeter, we can narrow as much as we want with the surgical method to be sufficient for the patient (sometimes 3-4 centimetres narrowing is needed)

While the effect of laser vaginal narrowing lasts for a year or two, the effect of the surgical method lasts much more years.

Tissues are not cut and stitches are not used in vagina-narrowing process made using laser. In the surgical method, enough tissue is removed and stitches are used to tighten.

Sexual intercourse can be performed one week after the vaginal narrowing procedure performed with laser. In surgical procedure, sexual intercourse is allowed after one month.

The most important issue that increases patient satisfaction in vaginal narrowing performed both by laser and surgical method is the operation with the right method to the right patient.