I believe you'll love our laser informative article on inner labia (lips) aesthetics. In recent years, genital plastic surgery, especially inner labia surgery, is very much featured in both the media and social networking sites. We gynecologists  who closely follow the developments in laser technology perform internal labia aesthetic surgeries using laser.

We ask you to take 5-10 minutes to find out how laser internal labia aesthetic surgery is performed and what you can do for yourself.

This article was written for common complaints of all patients. When you read our information article, you can take notes and pass on the questions you want to ask on topics that concern you.

Laser inner labia aesthetic surgery is the most common genital aesthetic surgery we perform after laser vaginal narrowing surgery. Laser inner labia aesthetics is a very popular method for women who want to correct the appearance of large and sagging labia. By taking the excess parts of the inner labia and reducing them, the genital area has a more aesthetic and younger appearance.

The best candidates for laser internal lip aesthetic surgery are women who are sure of their complaints and think that this surgery will be the solution for them. You can compare yourself with normal images of female genitalia to be sure of your decision.


How is laser surgery performed?


There are four types of laser labioplasty surgery. Which of these will be applied is explained to the patient in full detail after the examination. First, the inner labia, the clitoris and the side of the clitoris are examined in detail. The patient is specifically asked where she complains and wants to be corrected. Then, as physicians, we tell the patient our own thoughts . In line with the patient's and our opinions, the patient will be told of the correction by a drawing.

The surgery can be done with local, general ( sedoanalgesia ) or spinal anesthesia. All kinds of anesthesia can be performed according to the patient's request however the appropriate anesthesia is recommended after the patient is examined. For laser labioplasty, local anesthesia is often enough.

From the marked areas of the inner labia, the excess parts are cut off by laser. Then the fitting is done. After the excess parts are removed and stitched in the fitting, the inner labia are looked at how they will look. Areas that are asymmetric or still appear to be surplus are corrected.

After the fitting is finished, bleeding is checked and the bleeding is stopped. Then the surgery is finished by stitching with special sutures that can be absorbed by the body aesthetically.


Who can have laser labioplasty and why? 


Laser labioplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the inner labia. The appearance of external genitalia varies considerably between women and may change over time after birth. Larger, irregular, sagging and longer inner labia can create problems that can be corrected with simple cosmetic surgical procedures.

Large inner labia are important aesthetic concern for most women. Large and sagging inner lips can cause a woman to feel ashamed and ugly. Women who are unhappy with the appearance of an unpleasant inner labia may have difficulty sharing their sexual experiences with others.

Large and sagging inner labia can be too obvious when worn in swimwear and tight clothing. It is worrying for women who have to wear tight clothes and uniforms at work, as the inner labia are visible from the outside by someone else. Laser labioplasty surgery for these women will make their lives easier both privately and professionally.

The benefit of laser inner labia reduction is not just aesthetic. Tight clothes irritate large and saggy inner labia, making it uncomfortable for women who do their duties at work and in their daily lives. Long and sagging inner lips can cause pain by closing the entrance of the vagina during sexual intercourse, and sexual intercourse may cease to be enjoyable and turn into torture for the woman.

Laser labioplasty is performed as an outpatient treatment by gynecologists who perform cosmetic procedures like ours without the need for hospitalization. It takes 45 to 60 minutes after applying anesthesia to the patient. Laser labioplasty surgery can be performed in the same session as other plastic surgeries such as removing excess skin above the clitorus and narrowing the vagina. Most cosmetic gynecological surgeries can be performed with laser technology that helps to achieve symmetrical results with a lower risk of infection to less bleeding.

If a woman with larger, longer and sagging inner labia is concerned about her appearance and is unable to perform her physical activities easily, laser labioplasty will be a quick and safe solution.

To summarize:

  • Aesthetically uncomfortable women whose inner labia are saggy and large
  • Women with friction-induced irritation, swelling and redness due to large and long inner labia
  • Women who are in pain from their inner labia while cycling or other sportive activities when wearing tight clothing
  • Women whose large inner labia close the vagina entrance during sexual intercourse and cause pain.
  • Women with one large and one small inner labia ( inner labia asymmetry )


What should be done before laser labioplasty inner labia surgery?


  • Genital area cleaning should be performed at least 3 days before laser labioplasty surgery
  • Bring  tights for the use of underwear with you
  • Reduce consumption if you use alcohol
  • Let your doctor know if you are taking medications such as blood thinners. Such drugs should sometimes be quitted one week before surgery.
  • As smoking disrupts wound healing and blood circulation; if you smoke, quit it otherwise reduce it.
  • If you have a disease like (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc...) and you are taking medication because of them, continue using it in the same way and let your doctor know


What should be considered after laser labioplasty aesthetic surgery?


  • After laser labioplasty, you should use your antibiotics and given cream regularly.
  • You should not take a bath for the first two days after laser labioplasty.
  • You should not enter any water puddle for 2 weeks after laser labioplasty (pool, sea, bathtub).
  • Sexual intercourse should not be performed for the first month after laser labioplasty.
  • There may be bruising and swelling after laser labioplasty. These will resolve spontaneously in a week or two.
  • You may have a slight pain after laser labioplasty. You can get rid of this complaint by using the prescribed painkiller. If you continue to be in pain despite the painkillers, you should definitely inform your doctor.
  • Cold application can be done to prevent edema after laser labioplasty.


What are the advantages of laser labioplasty surgery compared to the surgical method?


Laser labioplasty surgery is safer and provides better results than other surgical methods. With the laser, bleeding is less, wound healing is faster and the possibility of scar formation is reduced.