Advances in laser technology have increased the effectiveness of laser use in many skin diseases and cosmetics. Laser applications, which are particularly effective for the correction of skin spots and skin wear, have been widely used for skin whitening in recent years.

Laser skin whitening aesthetics are widely used by women in two regions. The first is the genital area and the second is the armpit.

Darkening of the skin color of the genital area has always been a subject of interest to women. This problem has led women to search for private region bleaching methods and treatments.

Various solutions were developed for bleaching the genital area before the laser was used for genital whitening processes, but none of these methods were a permanent solution.

With the new generation laser devices developed for genital bleaching, women are permanently getting rid of complaints about genital darkening.


Why do women need genital bleaching?


In summer, shorts, bikinis, miniskirts and swimsuits are used almost daily. Women with darkening genital area are very disturbed when they are wearing these clothes and when they look at them from the outside, they think that a bad image has occurred. Therefore, when wearing these clothes, they think twice and often stop wearing them.

Another reason is the psychological problems they experience during sexual intercourse and thoughts such as feeling inadequate. They have fears that their genitals are dark, that they are not liked by their sexual partners because they think it's a cosmetic problem. This creates insecurity during sexual intercourse.

We can summarize the subject by saying that women are having genital whitening with laser in order to wear the clothes they want easily and to get rid of psychological problems during sexual intercourse.

Causes of darkening of the genital area

  • Age progression
  • Hereditary genetic effects
  • Excessive production of melatonin (the hormone that gives color to the skin)
  • Hormone imbalances (polycystic ovary syndrome, hypotrophy, gastric cancer, addison disease, etc.)
  • Powder applied to genital area
  • Genital infections
  • Frequent shaving of the genital area
  • Some vitamin deficiencies as a result of malnutrition
  • Excess weight obesity
  • Use of products such as creams and soaps applied to genital area
  • Tight clothes
  • Wearing underwear with synthetic fabric
  • Postpartum

For the reasons mentioned above, women have problems in their genital areas that they express as darkening, blackening and browning over time.

In laser bleaching processes, the inner labia, outer labia, anal region shortly all genital area can all be bleached.

The laser bleaching process of the genital area is also called labial whitening or vulvar whitening.

Laser is also used to tighten the skin of the outer genital area (vulvar tightening). The skin in the area looks healthier, brighter and more vibrant.


Genital area bleaching methods


Many treatments have been tried as genital bleaching methods, but no permanent response has been obtained. These searches ended gradually with the introduction of laser in genital bleaching processes.

During periods when laser method was not used, chemicals such as bleaching cream, spray, soap and herbal methods such as lemon, turmeric and olive oil were tried, but none of these treatments were successful and the effects passed in a short time.

The unabated advance of technology causes women to resort to different beauty methods. The first of these is laser treatment for skin bleaching. Women who want the skin in their genital area to look whiter are trying various treatment methods. Another feature of laser skin bleaching treatment is the disappearance of unwanted spots on the skin and the skin becomes brighter and softer. With the laser, both the skin is whitened and the stains are erased.

To those who ask how many sessions of skin whitening should be performed with laser, we can say that this varies according to the skin characteristics of the person. In most cases, a single session is sufficient, especially in those with very dark skin and hormonal disorders, laser bleaching may require 2-3 sessions.


How is laser genital whitening done?


Laser genital bleaching operation is quite simple and lasts for 15-20 minutes. Below is what to do before and after genital bleaching and how the procedure is done.

• It is forbidden to apply cream, shaving and tanning for three days before the procedure.

• There is no need to wear tight clothing after genital whitening, so comfortable clothes should be worn.

• Laser genital whitening is a painless procedure, so general anesthesia or local anesthesia is not needed.

• According to the patient's skin characteristics, laser device is adjusted and the appropriate dose of beam is applied to the area (inner lip, outer lip, anal region, vagina, vulva).

• It may be necessary to apply one to three sessions in order to achieve the desired whiteness according to the darkening of the patient's genital area and skin structure.

• After bleaching the genital area with laser, the patient can continue his daily life.


How does laser whiten the skin?


Melanin pigments secreted from melanocyte cells in the skin cause the skin to become extremely dark.

Laser beams applied to the genital area provide whitening by preventing melanin production and release by allowing melanocyte cells to break down.


What to consider after laser genital bleaching


After laser genital bleaching, it is sufficient to use the creams we recommend. Swelling, edema, slight redness and blistering may occur in the first days after bleaching and these will be corrected in a short time. Then, the area where the laser is applied first becomes dark, dead skin cells are stripped and shed, then it will be replaced by a more vibrant, shiny and whitened new skin tissue. Laser-whitened skin will have a healthier, fuller and brighter appearance.

Those who have laser bleaching can clearly understand this difference and are happy.


Is laser genital bleaching harmful?


We can easily say no to that question. Laser beams applied to the genital area create a superficial effect on the skin. These rays can progress from the surface of the skin to a depth of 3-4 mm. Therefore, it has no effect on subcutaneous tissues. So there’s no effect on ovaries, uterus, tubes and  the cervix. It certainly does not cause infertility, sexual reluctance or menstrual irregularities.


Can vaginal tightening or narrowing be done with laser at the same time with the genital area bleaching process?


Yes, these two operations can be done at the same time. Without the need to apply anesthesia to the patient, both whitening and vaginal narrowing can be done with both laser without the need to apply anesthesia. The total duration of these two procedures lasts about 30 minutes and after the procedure, patients can return to their daily lives without rest.



Is laser genital bleaching risky?


There is no risk when done by physicians who have experience in this subject and trained to use laser devices.


When can sexual intercourse be initiated after laser genital bleaching?


Sexual intercourse can be initiated one week after the procedure.