Gynecomastia or Breast Growth

Gynecomastia or breast growth in men as it is commonly called, is a frequent case especially in children and adolescents aged 10-16 years old. Of course, the risk age is not only for adolescents but also a serious risk for adults. The source of the problem arises in two ways, namely the growth of the breast tissue or the growth of the fat tissue in the breast, ie the increase of fat. Especially in adults, the problem is seen in the growth of adipose tissue and it doesn’t have a chance of self-healing. Breast enlargement in children and the elderly is 90% self-healing.

What Causes Breast Growth in Men?

As mentioned above, the source of the problem varies according to age groups. While breast tissues  grow in children, fat tissues in breasts  grow in adults. The causes of the problem should be addressed in 3 groups. The first is physiological gynecomastia, which is expected to be seen in infants, adolescents and the elderly, the second is pathological gynecomastia due to drugs used in treatment, and the idiopathic (no cause) gynecomastia as the last one.

Estrogen Enlarges Breast Tissue in Children

The reason for breast enlargement seen in newborn babies and adolescents between the ages of 10-16 and the elderly is explained by the high level of female hormone. It is the growth of breast tissue in infants, adolescents and elderly people with high estrogen levels. Sometimes it can become as remarkable as a female breast. This is actually a physiological state, which is normal and should be seen as a kind of transition process. 90% is self-healing and as low as 10% is permanent. It is expected to be resolved by the end of puberty otherwise the breast tissue must be reduced by a plastic and aesthetic surgeon.

The source of the problem in adults is the growth of adipose tissue

Another group at risk after children and adolescents is adults and people with a little overweight. The cause of breast enlargement in adults is generally diagnosed as pathological and idiopathic. In most cases, there is no possibility of self-healing and necessarily requires treatment.

How is gynecomastia treated?

The separation above is also important in the selection of treatment. First of all, breast growth that occurs during adolescence and old age is highly self-healing, and treatment may not be necessary. Otherwise, Liposuction and Open Surgery are applied to the problems that become permanent.

Liposuction Application: Liposuction, which is a non-surgical treatment method especially for breast growth that occurs due to the growth in fat tissue, is one of the most ideal methods to get the excess fat tissue.

Open Surgery Method: It is recommended for the repair of larger and sagging breasts, especially in adults.

Of course, your doctor will decide which of these will be applied during the examination.


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