Blepharoplasty surgery varies for each patient, depending on its particular needs. It can only be performed with the lower and upper eyelid or both areas, or it can be performed with other surgical interventions on the eye, forehead, eyebrow and nose. Eyelid surgery does not stop the aging process. Nevertheless, it loosens the eyelid area and reduces the sagging appearance. Before the eyelid surgery, the posture of the eyebrow is examined and, if necessary, the methods related to brow or forehead are discussed. At this point, it is sometimes useful to know that the cause of skin build-up in the upper lid is due to looseness and downward displacement of the eyebrow. This is stated during the examination. Eyelid functions are examined before the procedure. Sometimes there may be dysfunctions and related valve asymmetries. They are evaluated and explained to you how much they can improve. Small or large additional attempts may be recommended to achieve better results with face adaptation. These may include different methods, from fat injection to mid-face surgery.

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