Vagina rejuvenation with laser is used to treat atrophic vaginitis, especially in menopause and postpartum women with estrogen deficiency.

Estrogen provides the nutrition, moistness, expansion and contraction of the vaginal wall during sexual intercourse. There is no estrogen production or minimal production in women in the period after menopause and after birth. Laser vaginal applications eliminate these problems due to estrogen deficiency and provide vaginal rejuvenation.

The conditions that cause estrogen deficiency and atrophic vaginitis include:

• Breastfeeding

• Pre-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal periods

• Surgical removal of ovaries (surgical menopause)

• Taking chemotherapy

• Receiving radiation therapy

• Getting hormonal treatment for breast cancer

• Excessive smoking

Changes in female genital organs in estrogen deficiency are listed below:

• Thinning of the vaginal wall

• Decrease in vaginal humidity (vaginal dryness)

• Shortening and narrowing of the vaginal canal

• Removal of the swellings (rugas) in the vaginal wall

• Loss of elasticity of vaginal walls (loss of ability to expand and shrink during sexual intercourse)

• Decrease in fat tissue in the clitoris and inner labia

• Shrinkage of ovaries and uterus

• urine bag sagging (cystocele)

• Large intestine sagging (rectocele)

• Uterine sagging (uterine desensus and prolapse)

• Decrease in secretions in the vagina and cervix

• Frequent urinary tract infections

• Squirming while coughing and sneezing

These changes in genital organs are generally caused by a decrease in blood and humidity in genital organs.


What are the problems that the laser can correct by providing rejuvenation in the treatment of atrophic vaginitis?


Vaginal disorders: burning, pain and bleeding in the form of spotting during sexual intercourse, frequent vaginal infection (fungus), vaginal dryness, uterine sagging, large intestine sagging

Urinary tract disorders: frequent urination, urinary tract infection (cysticitis), burning while urinating, squirming while coughing and sneezing, urinary bag sagging

The complaint about dryness of the clitoris and inner labia : difficulty in orgasm and pain occurs.

It is important to understand that estrogen is an important hormone for the health of women's genitals and urinary tract. With laser applied to the genital area, women get rid of these complaints to a large extent.

The application of the laser to the vagina allows the atrophic vagina to return to its former state ( vaginal rejuvenation ) by providing blood and moisture. The vagina is returning to its former vibrant, moist and elastic state.

In this way, the above complaints are eliminated.