What is Aquafilling and What is it used for?

Aquafilling is a new generation body filling. The biggest difference from facial fillers is that it can stay in the body much longer and maintain its form at the moment it is applied. Aquafilling makes it possible to have a more youthful, large and upright breast, or a fuller, rounded and shaped hip, which used to be only available with silicone surgery. It is also used to remove any asymmetry in your body other than breast and hip augmentation, or to correct problems such as disfigurement, distortions, etc. in your legs.


What is the content of Aquafilling?

Aquafilling filler is a water-based hydraulic gel consisting of dynamic motion of 0.9 percent physiological sodium chloride solution placed in a matrix of synthetic linear polyamide in a 3D molecular structure.

Its strong hydraulic structure ensures that aquafilling is very well dissolved in water. Aquafilling, a positively charged gel in the operations, attracts molecules of collagen and elastins in the cell's outer matrix with negative loads, creating an increase in effective volume and flexibility in soft tissues for a long time.


Advantages of Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation and Non-Surgical Hip Enlargement with Aquafilling:

Aquafilling filler application is the perfect alternative solution for women who do not want scars, have fear of surgery or anesthesia, do not want to be understood as silicone when touched and aim to return to daily life quickly and without recovery time. In the same way, people with small hips and who are unhappy with this condition are also suitable patients for this procedure and may have fuller and larger hips with the application of non-surgical hip augmentation with aquafilling.

Apart from this, this application is based solely on the injection method like other fillings, so there is no trace. The traces of needle cannulas entered under the breast disappear in a few days. In addition, since aquafilling is a gel with the same feel as breast tissue, it is unlikely to be understood as silicone.

Besides, Aquafilling, like all other fillings, can be applied to the same area over and over again, or supplemented if desired.

How Is Aquafilling Applied?

Aquafilling is an alternative to silicone surgeries that can be applied easily only under local anesthesia and in a sterile environment, just like a lip filler. The procedure ends in approximately 25-30 minutes and the patient is fully awake during this procedure and determines the amount of filling to be applied and the size desired. in addition, the patient does not suffer as a local anesthetic is applied before the procedure and returns to his social life on the same day as there is no incision and recovery time.


Which Patients Can Breast Augmentation Without Surgery Be Applied?

The most suitable candidates for non-surgical breast augmentation with aquafilling are women with small breasts. Women with normal breasts can also access the breast sizes they want with aquafilling application if they do not have sagging on their breasts. Unfortunately, the reason for this is that there is no solution to the problem of sagginess other than surgery. Although growth in the breasts can be achieved by applying aquafilling to saggy breasts, the aesthetics, upright and alive breasts of the patient's dream will not be obtained since the sagginess cannot be eliminated. Therefore, the most suitable and aesthetic solution for patients with sagging breasts is to prefer breast recovery surgery first, then by choosing breast augmentation method with silicone surgery.


How Long is Aquafilling permanent?

Aquafilling is a body filling developed specifically for non-surgical breast and hip augmentation. Therefore, its permanence is much longer than other body fillings. As a result, like every filling, aquafilling is absorbed slowly by the body and the average life span varies from person to person, but is approximately 5 years. This is because we all have different reactions to foreign substances.  In patients with allergic and sensitive body, the permanence of the filling may be less than 5 years, while in people whose body is at peace with foreign substances and who react less slowly to the absorption of the filling and may remain in the body for much longer.


What is the price of non-surgical breast augmentation with Aquafilling?

Perhaps one of the most curious questions about non-surgical breast aesthetics is the cost of aquafilling. However, many important factors such as how much aquafilling the breast tissue will reach the desired size, the concept of sufficient size in the mind of the patient, whether there is asymmetry in the chest and how much additional filling is required to eliminate this asymmetry, vary completely from person to person. All these factors affect the amount of breast filling to be applied and vary from person to person on a wide scale. Since the cost of aquafilling depends entirely on the amount of filling to be applied, the cost of the application is different in each individual and a clear fee information is determined only after physical examination.


Are There Any Side Effects or Harms of Aquafilling Application?

Aquafilling is a specially developed body filling. It is an FDA-approved water-based gel made from ingredients that are completely body-friendly. In addition, it does not prevent breastfeeding because it has nothing to do with the milk glands and channels of the applied region.

In addition, this procedure is much more risk-free and safe since it is not an operation and is only applied with cannula without making any incision. For this reason, Aquafilling does not carry the risks of surgery such as infection, trauma, narcosis allergy, which are always present in breast surgeries as in all surgeries.


Will the Aquafilling App Cause Sagging in the future?

No, the application of Aquafilling does not cause sagging of the breasts at the time or later. After the filling is completely absorbed, the breasts will return to their former state and there is no harm in re-applying the procedure if requested.

As a result, Aquafilling application is a non-surgical solution which is a good alternative to breast or hip augmentation with silicone surgery. It is a proven method that has been applied by our doctors for years.


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